WADA has beef with Contador meat claims

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Apr 22, 2009
Elagabalus said:
Had you not repeated your post I probably would have let this go but...
Your analogy is bad.

Really? Something tells me if they go to all the trouble (and expense) to relocate you and you then fail the drug test they'll probably a). make you take it again or b). waive it entirely. And furthermore, your employer will only test you once. They cannot select people at random for a test even if they suspect you of drug taking on the job. They have to test the entire work staff, and let's face it, that ain't gonna' happen.
That is certainly not the case in my industry. Certain categories of workers (e.g. those working in dangerous environments) are part of a pool that is subject to random testing on a monthly or other periodic basis, more or less just like athletes. Local law in each country will govern how exactly how it works, and in some cases, we might have to offer substance abuse counseling, etc. But if those restrictions are not in place, somebody failing a drug test is gone, gone, gone. Immediately. And if they and their family have to be shipped home halfway around the world, then so be it.
Barrus said:
Booh, Booh

*throws a Jack Daniels bottle*

did anyone actually see the new toto
I thought it was great.

"Oh Lord

Blah blah blah haemocrit blah blah passport blah blah omerta

You know what I was doing when he was chatting up Ashenden?


Off a stripper's tattoo of me doing blow"

Sounds exactly like something Polish would post.

And lol @ "I'd rather have Saiz scream Venga in my ear".
Jan 18, 2010
The latest puns on this thread are BS, but I cant think of a funny post off the hoof at the moment..
I think we might be flogging a dead horse here.

I'll get my coat.


Chicken ...

Altitude said:
The Chicken is obsolete.
Is it possible to get clenbuterol in your system from gnawing on the contaminated 'Chicken'?
Jun 19, 2009
Moncoutie said:
Holy cow these puns are getting bad!
Yes - its probably time to rein them in and corral them for the winter.
What we need is som Maverick to do it - I am thinking about cowPat McQuaid.
Jul 22, 2009
Yeah. It was meat ingestion......these guys toss caution to the wind when it comes to things they ingest.
Apr 22, 2009
Aguirre said:
since cyclingnews only publishes scientific news which are bad for contador

here a link where a CAS exper-member says the small amount of Clen might be due meet ingestion... not news about that in Cyclingnews.... it is reported in other medias too...

Calling Mike Morgan a CAS 'expert' is misleading to say the very least. He is a commercial lawyer who represents athletes fighting doping cases.

It should hardly be surprising that he's on Contador's side. If things go right, he could be a client.