Warren Barguil Discussion Thread

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He's back!

It was a pretty nice finish, to come from the back of the group.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that Alaphilippe or Bardet would have creamed that field...but they weren't there, and he was. So, chapeau.
He seemed genuinely moved to win the jersey, and CN article notes that he almost quit cycling a few times. I still think he shot himself in the foot by leaving Sunweb, especially under such acrimony. He's not really going to be a GT podium contender -- although he has definitely shown in the past that he can climb with the best -- but i just would have thought he'd have more support on a WT team.
I like Barguil, but it was obvious his performance level was gonna decrease after leaving Sunweb (Sunweb 2017 was ridiculously strong; Dumoulin, Barguil, Kelderman all showing huge performance levels) (to Fortuneo, especially).
I hope he gains his 2017 form, but it will be impossible at Fortuneo so it's pointless. Anyways nice win.
If you scroll back though this thread you'll see that I'm not a fan of WB. I appreciate his emotion on the podium because that means that it truly means something to him (not that it doesn't mean something to most champs crying or not). He should stage hunt and go for dots again.
Apr 23, 2018
Re: Re:

movingtarget said:
RedheadDane said:
I hope he'll go for dots again.
Yes why not ?
It will be interesting KOM race if Alaphillippe wants to win it again and Barquil looks to be in better form than last year. Then theres that possibility that Ciccone will have something so say about it.
I didn't want to make my notorious polka dot jersey post again, but I'm glad y'all also took notice of this weird tactic. Currently Barguil goes for a minor top 10 placement, instead of the polka dot jersey and stage wins. Which is kinda weird as it's the except opposite of what the Breton stated after his succeful 2017 Tour de France. His climbing actually looks good enough in difference to last year.

On the other hand, except for the Tourmalet there were no big points avaliable so far. At least not from the breakaway group. So the Alps look more suitable to a breakaway attempt to hunt for HC points!

Eventually he attacked on the Tourmalet to show himself and see if the other favorites would react. So at least he tried a little test balloon that could've played out with a little luck.
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