We need to talk about Annemiek

Looking through the history of the Clinic and genuinely surprised to see no Van Vleuten thread.

She has totally dominated her last 5 races now, including the WCRR. To make the strides she has made at such an advanced age speaks volumes, and appears to be getting stronger year after year.

Her training loads are monstrous, yet she is fresh enough to totally annihilate entire fields herself, even Spratt and Kennedy are barely needed atm.

As much as I like van Vleuten and appreciate her style of racing I can't escape the feeling that something isn't right.

White's history with del Moral and the Trent Lowe incident doesn't bode well either IMHO, but no idea how much the two of them interact.


Sep 2, 2015
Totally. Today's show at Strade proves it all. Not like it ever was a question (like the Worlds for example). To me this girl is a female equivalent of Lance.
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My guess it's more that noone was invested enough to make a thread rather than noone thought something dodgy is going.

I imagine the women's peloton will have have a combination of say 70's men's cycling where domestiques aren't all that good and where the gap in access to doping is gigantic.
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Yeah, I'm not big on Clinic stuff but this is interesting. Like when Vos was super-dominant, she did it with her sprint. She won the Giro Rosa by struggling to minimize time losses in the mountain stages. Van Vleuten was a good rider but, now that she's in her late 30's, give her 15 km and she takes out 3 minutes over the entire field over every type of terrain.
My guess is basically the same as Red Rick. No one is invested enough in her or possibly women's cycling in general to make a thread specifically for her. Doesn't mean many don't agree that something is dodgy or off about what she's doing currently.

Female version of Lance except with a better personality.
Anyone else think her saddle is way too high? Was watching her at Strade and figured she was riding a teammate's bike but no, it had the 1 number on it. Looks 10cm too high.