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Website Errors.

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Granville57 said:
Surely you're aware of the fact that, as of recently, the red, highlighted Live: Race Coverage banners still appear on the homepage looooooong after the race has finished?

Currently the banner says stage 4 (for Tour de Suisse) but actually leads to coverage of stage 5.
Okay, it leads to the prober coverage, but it's sorta confusing.
May 20, 2010
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Awaiting moderation


I attempted to lodge the following comment on the: "Valverde: Nibali is not unbeatable" | Cyclingnews.com

(Unsure for the failure to lodge, I amended comment several times. Please inform me what I have "done wrong". What words/phrases do I need to avoid. Ta)

"I question his attitude. AV had the opportunity to work with Richie in those last moments in the Vosges... Instead he chose to sit in, allowed the pace to drop, then followed as RP resumed the chase. Therefore maybe only a few additional seconds lost, but not the actions I would have attributed to those seeking to reduce/restrict VN's lead.

To be clear, I believe AV will be thereabouts come Paris, just a bit disappointed so far. Hopefully he will be true to thoughts of above."
May 20, 2010
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Part of post deleted on entering??


Was posting in the TJVG article: as I hit return the last para and bit were not posted.

I then attempted to repost deleted section however only "cont:" appeared.

As per my above post, please provide guidance on problem/solution.

Jul 10, 2010
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Ooops. From
Movistar disappointed with fourth place Tour de France finish

5th para
Nibali was still in second place overall after the second mountain stage in the Pyrenees but suffered on the difficult final mountain stage to Hautacam. A poor time trial on the penultimate stage sealed his fate.

"Nibali" should be "Valverde".


Aug 25, 2014
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Tour de l'Avenir

Tour de l'Avenir results for stage 2 has the German riders listed with "(Col) Colombia" next to their names. The results had the correct team affiliations in the stage 1 results.
This mornings article about Sicard's ambitions for the rest of the Vuelta will come as a surprise to anyone relying on Cycling News for results, who were told that Sicard failed to finish stage 7, and his name has been absent from the results pages since then. Bryan Nauleau meanwhile is sitting at home watching himself gain finishes on stages 8 and 9.

Looking further, you seem to have totally confused all the Europcar riders in terms of their standings and finishes. One struggles to imagine where you are sourcing such inaccurate information.
(Yes, I always spot mistakes involving Danish riders.)

From the Paris-Nice start list:

141 Rafal Majka (Pol)
142 Matti Breschel (Den)
143 Robert Kiserlovski (Cro)
144 Michael M?rk?v (Den)
145 Sergio Miguel Moreira Paulinho (Por)
146 Pawel Poljanski (Pol)
147 Nicki S?rensen (Den)
148 Michael Valgren Andersen (Den)

He did not in fact decide to come out of retirement and ride Paris-Nice. It should be Chris Anker.