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Jun 23, 2010
On the article about Tinkov and the ASO, the last paragraph of Start a Revolution, you typed Riis instead of Rihs.
Results service from the Vuelta is very inaccurate. Jim was not 14th on stage 2, and certainly did not retain 14th after stage 3.
On stage 3, Oliveira and Reguigui were not in the top ten, but Richeze and Sbaragli were.

We all understand that the first released results are provisional and subject to correction, but news outlets that have a concern for accuracy respond to those corrections.

Plays havoc with trying to run the CQ game.
Also Niemiec DNFed on stage 2, not Koshevoy. However, it was Koshevoy who got second today (stage 7) no Richeze.

Strangely enough you got it right in the race-report, it's just the result list that's a bit confused...

And it was Meintjes and not Jim who was ninth. At least that's what MTN is writing on their FB page, and I'm choosing to trust them a bit more than these result lists.
Please. Please. Please. Tell me it's some kind of find the mistakes game and you'll reveal the Winner at the end of the Vuelta.
Jun 14, 2012
While I'm glad you corrected your initial statement that Cousin was hit by a moto, you might want to get his first name right as well: it's "Jérôme", not "Antoine".
Stage 12 results are still not up to date, even >12 hours after the race jury announced their decision. Quintana, Valverde and Van Garderen were all given the same time as the Yates group.

It's not like this has not been a major story or lacking official confirmation.