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Of course he’s been the out-right favourite before and come up short (2010), but that year he appeared concerned with taking Thor Hushovd to the finish. This year there’s no Hushovd – in terms of form anyway – and a dearth in genuine pedigree threatens to make Cancellara’s race a coronation of his superiority. Luck and tactics may well play their part and Roubaix after all can be the cruellest of arenas but baring misfortune this is one fight Sparticus should well and truly survive

Pretty sure Cancellara didn't 'come out short' in 2010. Think you mean 2011...
May 26, 2010
Susan, Purito rides for katusha not movistar.

from todays CN ticker for FW

Last year “Purito” Rodriguez stormed up the Mur de Hoy to take a stunning win, but even he admits he is not likely to repeat this year. The reason: a very nasty bruise suffered in a crash at the Amstel Gold Race on Sunday. His participation today was up in the air for a few days, but the Movistar rider decided to go ahead and ride, after the doctors cleared him, of course.

Mar 13, 2009
There was a recent error in the article about Nizzolo: this year was not his first Giro, he already did it last year
Apr 14, 2010
The link for the Scott Addict story in the 'Today on Cycling News' section links to the Look 695 story, not the Addict story
Oct 1, 2010
Regarding the stage 9 report by Barry Ryan:

"Froome himself tracked a cheeky attack from Alejandro Valverde on the way down the Menté, showing none of the jitters that did for Luis Ocaña in 1973, ..."

Perhaps he means 1971, as Ocana won the race in 1973 (not sure if the Mente was even on the parcours in '73). As for jitters, every report I've read of Ocana's final day on the 1971 race suggests that he was matching every attack Merckx could make, whilst descending in a thunderstorm. Merckx crashed at the same time as Ocana; it has been suggested that Merckx's crash caused Ocana's. It was only Zootemelk and/or Agostinho crashing into Ocana that did for him, not the jitters. Don't rewrite history!
Apr 20, 2009
in the mont ventoux picture gallery the picture caption of virenque winning on the summit from 2002 reads in part, "...in the 2002 Tour de France, the last time the climb was included in the Tour." even though it was included in the 2009 tour.
Granville57 said:
So what happened to the live feed from today's stage?

It seems that the feed that Froome and Porte got from the Sky car was such a shock to the CN reporters that it has caused the CN Blimp to go into an endless Orbit above the Alpe.....for it has been circling for almost 12 hours as this is written (ie - Live Coverage is still on)....the crew presumably having bailed out around Dutch corner to drink with the crowd.
Oct 6, 2009

This is neither a Spanish rider, nor is it Rojas. :D
(That photo keeps getting used with this incorrect caption periodically. Might be time to change it.)