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What about Iban Mayo

Good guy Iban. I know him well. Was in a car accident when younger and cycling was the only way to get his legs working again. He's still riding but doesn't really want to ride professionally again. Drives trucks at the moment and makes a mean tapas dish. Has a cafe but not telling where.
hi there, i'm basque as Iban, there is anything about him, like he enter a fully private world. There is no way he race again, but maybe he enjoy cicling with his gang in Durango.

very sad news today with astarloza...
craig1985 said:
Presumely he is an Euskatel fan?


And of course its sad news. Not to offend anyone, but I come across different cycling forums and it strikes me that in traditional cycling countries like Spain, the Basque Country, Netherlands and Belgium everyone is sad when a rider is doped and cannot race anymore while in the new countries like England and Denmark everyone is cheering. Personally find the last attitude very strange and I hate it as well.