What are your BOLD predictions in Tour de France?

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Aug 4, 2011
Phil Liggett & Paul Sherwin Quotes

Phil " that's unbelievable , he must be doping"
Paul " he his Phil , look his eyeballs are popping out"
Phil " I still say Lance was clean"
Alberto Contador will lose one leg, 2 hands and an eye but insist it is just a scratch and keep riding (as per Monty Python sketch)

In order to protect Froome SKY will abandon the traditional SKY train and adopt a M riding formation for the whole race

Paul Shrewan comms tape ( the same one for the last 30 years) will finally self combust as it gets stuck in the same piece on chateau le umpteen

French farmers will finally, using hay bales spell out what they truly think of the Tour & Prudhomme ..(Hint :..it will involve one finger moving in a vertical manner )

Mark Cavandish will be seen to practise Tai chi after every sprint he loses

Oleg Tinkov will be seen to practise Tai chi after every sprint Peter Sagan loses

A group of local school boys on bikes will freakishly join the peloton on a closing sprint stage and still manage to beat Trek's sprint train

Arredondo will win the cobbles stage , after crashing twice, abandoning the race, getting in an ambulance, getting out again, having 3 punctures, catching and passing Lars Boom

Valverde will will be filmed in a false beard late at night by Quintana's bike with tacks and glue

Cannondale Garmin will win TTT

Sean Kelly will strangle Carlton Kirby whose last broadcast words will be ..."And there you have it"

WildspokeJoe said:
Nacer Bouhanni will win 2 stages and the Green Jersey
TJVG wears yellow after the Team Time Trial and loses it on the first mountain stage.
At least one rider will be unable to start due to the MPCC
Two Polish riders will finish in the top 12
Cannondale-Garmin does not place one rider in the top 25

Tour hasn't even started and I got one right!
Jun 18, 2015
Mark Cavendish will win 5 stages but not green. Pinot will win TDF. Contador and Nibali will not be on the podium. Valverde will retire. There is more but that will do for now :)