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What hppens if/when Levi & Klodi are strong than Tex in 2010 TdF?

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Gee333 said:
Playing Devil's Advocate and armchair QB, do you think that AC would have had the confidence and the motivation to win all three GT's if Rasmussen hadn't been thrown out of the '07 Tour? Rasmussen had a pretty good hold on the yellow and if memory serves me correctly, AC wasn't gaining a whole lot of time on him and the Chicken was answering all his attacks up to that point. Winning the '07 Tour certainly lit a fire in AC and we know what happened after that.

Just some food for thought...

Yes. He was presented with some very unusual circumstances that allowed him to make the most of the situation. 2008 he still would not have been in the position to contest the Tour so doing the Giro and Vuelta were still likely. He still would have had the Giro and Vuelta wins in 2008 and the Tour win in 2009, giving him the same grand tour triumvirate in his palmares. He just would have lacked the 2007 Tour win but the 2nd step on the podium in your 2nd attempt is still impressive.
Jul 27, 2009
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Sprocket01 said:
There was the stage when Contador attacked the Schleck brothers and blew up Kloden. Armstrong was back with Wiggins. LA had waited when AC and co first attacked. He stayed with Wiggins and then attacked himself, passing Kloden on the way. I'm sure that was the stage he was refering to.

LA also dropped Kloden and Wiggins on the Mont Ventoux.

Armstrong didn't catch Kloden until the very end, when they had come off the descent and were in the finishing run into town.

That stage had the greatest "unintentional comedy" moment of the TdF. Armstrong was on the descent. Paul Sherwin droned endlessly about how majestic and wonderful Armstrong was and nobody had ever seen a drop off a mountain like that before. It put LeMond's suicidal plunge after he flatted and was chasing Chiapucci look like he was full braking.

Then Nibali bridges!

I LOL'd.