what will be the top 10 in the vuelta

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Miburo said:
Someone still doubting vuelta won't be the most interesting GT of the year?

He won't ride top 3 orso but still.

Sadly enough liquigas had to be a **** and not let Nibal ride the vuelta. Bettini wanted him to ride it, Nibali aswell in first instance.

Me. With the parcours as it is, if Contador is on 2011 form it will be another 3 week procession.
Jul 29, 2012
Richeypen said:
Me. With the parcours as it is, if Contador is on 2011 form it will be another 3 week procession.

Maybe but the difference with the giro and the tour is that Contador actually attacks on a consistent base.

I'm saying for this year. You prefer boring Wiggins or Hesjedal? No offence to them but it ain't the same.

And they are many other attacking riders in the vuelta aswell.
Feb 15, 2011
Richeypen said:
Me. With the parcours as it is, if Contador is on 2011 form it will be another 3 week procession.

The difference is that even when Contador is in the lead, he still attacks, so its still more exciting then everyone coming across together.

EDIT: by the way Picheypen, I like your avatar!
I want to see the faces of all these posters guaranteeing excitement when contador attacks last 2k of every mountain stage:D

After that giro which i expected to be basso scarponi uran gadret war in the mountains i am careful of every scenario. Even though we are talking about a guy who attacked 100k out on telegraph and blew the race in frickin gap you just never know.

Something like that alpe di pampeago stage is not forgotten easy.
Total Package said:
It seems like most people here don't expect much from Van Den Broeck... Why is that?
Traditionally he's not a guy that competes all year round at the top level (although he's been better this year), but someone who focuses 100% on the Tour. He already had a successful Tour, so his commitment to the Vuelta remains to be seen. He might be doing it just as preparation for the WC.
Aug 8, 2012
1. Contador (No brainer)

2. Gesink (Time to live up to a GT podium)

3. Cobo (looked good in the last few mtn stages at the tour, i expect a respectable defence of his 2011 Vuelta crown)

4. Froome (Won't have the same climbing form as in the tour)

5. J Rod (Superior field than this years giro = no podium for purito)

6. Roche (last time he finished top 14 in the tour he went on to finish 7th at the vuelta, add to the fact that this year TTs in the tour did not suit him i think roche will have a good vuelta)

7. Hanao (amazing talent, i think he will be superior to Uran)
8. Uran
9. Valverde (+ 2 or more stages)
10. JVDB
May 26, 2012
1. Contador (without steaks but motivated and fresh)
2. Froome (tired from TdF)
3. Rodriguez
4. Cobo
5. Gesink
6. Anton
7. Roche
8. Uran
9. De Gendt
10. Cataldo

PS: Štybar and Valverde both will win 2 stages.


122 posts and not one person has mentioned Denis Menchov.

He's a twice winner of this race and finished 5th last year, albeit working for Cobo in the later stages. Surely with the team that Katusha are fielding, he's got to be in with a top 10 shout.
May 5, 2009
Riders not mentioned above, but with real perspective on top10 spots: Gadret and Intxausti.

Furthermore, looking forward to some young guns: Sarmiento, Geniez, Talansky and Sicard. Traditionally this GT gives youngsters a podium to shine.

For example, sprints will be dominated by youngsters like Degenkolb, Viviani and Swift.

Can't wait this tour to begin, not at least for the beautiful surroundings in the Northern of Spain.