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A few oldies, Roberto Lezaun, won his first ever race as a pro 1991 Ruta del Sol, was all downhill after that.

Heinrich Trumheller, a Russian/German, turned pro in 1992. Finished 6th in debut Tour of Switzerland a few weeks short of his 20th Birthday, including 2nd on a stage to King Kelly. Then won the German Road Race title a week later and had several other Top 10s in races in his first year as a pro. Touted as a future star, made the bad decision to join a French team and his career quickly went off the tracks.

Ivan Quaranta, Italian sprinter from early 2000s who beat Super Mario at the Giro more than once and was expected to take over from Cipo, but never happened and instead Petacchi took over the mantle.
I'll never forget Quaranta, "The Cheetah," getting dropped on a "hill" in the last few KMs of a Giro stage that would not have winded a Fred.

For a couple Giri, he did indeed have Cipo's number, though.
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Jay McCarthy? I'm not sure he has recovered from the knee injury and is he without a team?
Jay is back to normal training but without a contract. He was in the last year of his contract with Bora when he crashed and they already had a stack of punchy classics guys going forward.

Hopefully he gets another ride, he's one of the very best Ardennes domestiques around when on form.
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