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What's gonna happen then?

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Ban? No ban? ....

  • Full 2 year ban.

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Aug 24, 2010
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just read that Wada doesn't consider the evidence (untill now) conslusive that Contador blood doped, so 'im guessing Contador will just be punished for the Clenbuterol which off course could still mean a 2 year-ban
Apr 20, 2009
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luckyboy said:
Transfusing would've been the least risky though. Unless you mean some new wave **** like ozone or something.

No, I simply mean either:

1. Transfusing with products that don't contain plasticizers, knowing that the test for plasticizers has been developed. or

2. Using something other than transfusions.

Or, of course:

3. He didn't use banned substances or methods in 2009 - but i realize many claim his values were odd if that's the case.
Merckx index said:
Ouch! Suppose the DEHP test was used to invalidate both Bert and Andy in 2009. Guess who is declared the winner of the 2009 TDF???

(Hint: If he tests positive, too, Novitzky can cut to the chase).

If this happened it would be downright hilarious. However, I think Contador would pull a Floyd but not wait 4 years.

A tell all of the highest order.