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Question What's the best way winning GC?

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How do you prefer your favourite riders wins GC?

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I would say my GC defining favorite event is any time that something besides pure watts wins it, such as Contador's Fuente De. Any kind of skills, tactical coup or creative teamwork (NOT a mountain train) which overcomes a deficiency of straight horsepower is what I'm rooting for. Better to be like Nibali than Froome.

a long range attack (sometimes), an ITT, or simply dropping the hammer on the final climb are all different forms of having the biggest engine.

to a certain extent, this guarantees I am always rooting for the underdog, because the favorite will rarely be forced to get creative.
My favourite way to win GC is to match all the attacks by your rivals then ride away on the hardest and steepest section of a MTF.

Second most favorite would be to win a grand tour by descending prowess.

Breakaway wins are usually upsets. Nice to see but not my favorite.

GTs won by TT are not my favorite either but I respect the riders as that means they are simply the strongest - particularly if they dominate a TT deep into the 3rd week when recovery is paramount.

Edit: I am assuming the OP means grand tours - not any GC.
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