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What's this, Contador caused the split?

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Apr 8, 2009
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Publicus said:
If what you and Lance say are true then the peleton is mainly made up of inexperienced riders. ALL of the GC contenders were caught out of the move, not to mention 6 of his teammates. Contador says that he was coming back to the front when it happened. Rast and #25 had jerseys filled with water bottles. Which further suggests that even the experienced JB didn't know enough to tell his guys to get water AFTER the turn or well before. Seems to me that this was a failure of leadership on the part of JB, Lance or BOTH.
Not exactly, but which GC contender would even go back for water, let alone do it before a big right turn into a cross wind. Most of the GC contenders would see AC as a major threat, so might be watching him more, but AC made a big mistake letting LA get in the move.

What I am saying is that LA is not stupid, he knew what was going to happen and was close enough to the front to get in the move. He even sprinted into the corner, and Canc jumped the median strip to get across as well.

I haven't been able to confirm that it was AC who couldnt hold a wheel, but I am certain that it is an Astana top at the front of the split, looking around for others to come through.

Sastre was caught out, and Saxo were on the front trying to limit losses as were other teams such as Silence. Evans would normally be strong enough in the wind and he missed a chance to put one over AC as well.

I dont LA failed, he looked after LA, AC made a mistake and you can make you own mind up about what JB might have said to one or both of them.

TTT is going to be a ripper.


as said before..


Lance was in the front group from about 50k out, doesnt require too much overanalysis


Mar 17, 2009
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Threshold said:
OR it was a conspiracy: LA met with HTC the night before at a secret location and GH told LA to tell JB that they could setup AC by timing the water run with an attack at that right turn....

pure Genius LOL

seriously I think ur right a lot of riders and DSs got caught out.

What about Skil ? There is no doubt they were part of the tip off........ let the most sh-tty team in the Tour know because they won't impact GC.
Interesting tidbit from l'Equipe today- when Contador crossed the line, he expressed surprise at learning that Astana had collaborated in the escape, saying no such instructions had come over team radio. Yet Popovych could be clearly seen acknowledging or forwarding the call to ride, around 25k before the finish. That tells us the call either came from within the group itself, or Bruyneel runs more than one radio channel.
Jun 13, 2009
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davidg said:
I just like the fact that there is a real possibility that LA could be in yellow after the TTT, which will **** off so many people - lol

lol ... as much as I would like to see Spartacus wear yellow for a few more days it would be sheer gold watching this place tomorrow if Lance takes the jesey tonight!

Bring it on!
Jun 13, 2009
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delgado said:
Yet Popovych could be clearly seen acknowledging or forwarding the call to ride, around 25k before the finish.

Yeah, rode like a champion didn't he [sarcasm]. An amazing journey he's been on in the last few years. Workaholic at Discovery, an absolute dog at Silence, now back to a workaholic at Astana. Must be laughing all te way to the bank for his stint at silence last year! :rolleyes:
Angliru said:
How big is Contador for someone behind him not to be able to see a gap developing? Go around. Sounds LeMevel is scapegoating someone for his own shortcomings.

Well for one if you're already on the limit at 55 km/hour sometimes there's not a lot you can do if the guy in front of you suddenly opens the gap.

Secondly, if you're on Contador's wheel, it's probably not an unreasonable assumption to expect dude to hold the wheel.