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Who are the best bike handlers in the peloton?

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Jun 16, 2009
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We need to remember that one's position in the peloton tends to be determined by status.

At crucial moments the big names are up front because that's where they are supposed to be and allowed to be....not necessarily because of skills or tactical nous.

The Sociopath is always near the front in the most comfortable and safest spot (just behind the single file driving the bunch) because that's where he wants to ride, and that's where he needs to be seen. I wouldn't want to be some Footon guy trying to edge into that spot....

there is little "tactical" about it. It's just the biggest boys in the playground picking the best spot to play in.
Jun 19, 2009
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But that's the tactic.

Being at the front gives you more options, more open space around you, and less chance of being caught behind someone else's eff-up or deliberate interference, and it keeps you close if someone you're worried about decides to break.

When you're The Man, you need to be kept out of trouble. When you're The Man you need to be ready to race. And when you're The Man, you probably have the skills and strength to keep yourself in a position every other The Man is fighting for.

Having a team that is cognizant of the advantages of peloton positioning will help you.

So it's hardly political. It's professional and competitive.