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With races being cancelled, what are you watching,?

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Old cycling videos, classix boxing matches and chess videos on youtube.
Speaking of Boxing, they stopped the Olympic qualifying tournament for Europe in the UK after the first round.
Everyone had already traveled to the uk and fought in the first round, so stopping it right in the middle was really pointless. You either postpone it before the start or you finish the whole thing, with the right precautions and safety measures.
As it appears about the only sports are virtual NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA and F1 have iracing events going on. IMSA started their iracing series yesterday and NASCAR today with their races actually being broadcast on TV (FS1) with the regular commentators.
I just watched the 2014 Ronde because it was "live-streamed" on the races' Facebook page. Very good race. Poor Greg.

At one point there was a front trio consisting of Daryl Impey, Taylor Phinney and Stig Broeckx. Makes you think.
I realised that this corona crisis in a sick way is very "entertaining" for me. I was thinking I would be bored with no cycling happening, but that turned out to be far from the truth as the corona news cycle is still very fast and a barely manage to catch up with all news thats coming. So right now I might be missing cycling a little bit but I'm as far from boredom as I have been in a long while...
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For those of you with Netflix, the Movistar documentary is released today about their 2019 season. Should be fun just for the inter-team battle if nothing else.
The first episode was a mess but the rest seems a lot better and more focused.

I absolutely love the fact that Rojas yelled "Dracarys" in the microphone just before Carapaz attacked on the day to Courmayeur! :D
Yes, especially nice to see it from the angle of Movistar who played such important roles in all three Grand Tours.

I also like how Arrieta and Lastras continue to justify their attack on stage 19. It was pre-planned and the final opportunity to win the Vuelta. Too bad that Roglic crashed when he did but it was outright scandalous that the commissaires allowed the cars to help Roglic and López to bridge back up.

That final week is really growing on me, also with stage 17. What a week of racing we got there.

And Valverde after stage 20 saying "2nd place at 39 years of age. Next year, I'll win. I'm progressing" is a gem.
Unzué being a bit relieved when Quintana lost contact on the Iséran was also gold: "Phew. At least we didn't make him lose the Tour, yesterday" (when Movistar were pulling the peloton on the Galibier stage which was won by Quintana).
Mar 23, 2019
Been stuck inside nearly two weeks. Watched loads off kids tv. Played Mario kart on the wii. The odd YouTube video. The last 2 and a half hours off Milan san remo 2017. No matter how many times I see the end I still think Sagan is going to win it. Haha. Thinking off taking off the group set off my bike selling it for a upgrade. Tick tock....