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Woot woot! Things found on a ride -- (non-D)

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180mmCrank said:
On an early ride one morning spotted a young deer. It jumped infront of me and then across the road into on comming traffic. The poor thing was hit by a Volvo! And then it was airborn - it flew back from whence it came back at me! Ever been hit by a deer at 20mph - well I have!

Before you ask the deer didn't make it - no crash hat I guess.

I carried on to finish the ride and to be honest I wasn't sure if I dreamt the whole thing - but the skip in my (out of true) front wheel confirmed it was all too real.

p.s I saw a wallaby once not that unusual in South Australia but a little less common in South Oxfordshire!

Deer are stupid when it comes to roads and cars. I was riding parallel to a running deer when the deer turned left in front of me and headed across the road. A car passing me slowed down and the deer then turned and ran parallel to the car (in front of me), the car then sped up (? Why?). The deer then sped up and left turned right in front of the car. The deer ALMOST made it, but it's left rear hindquarter was hit. It skittered on the pavement and ran off into the woods. I expect a cougar soon had a good meal.