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Trixi Worrack will retire after 21 years of racing.

One of the formative figures in german women's cycling over the last two decades, she won countless national titles across various disciplines, is multiple world champ and has been a reliable work horse in her later career.
It hasn't been officially confirmed before now, but it did look like it was going to happen. During the Thüringen Rundfahrt they made a story out of how it would be her last time riding it after she's done it every year since 1999.

I read a German interview earlier this year where I believe it was said, that she had been offered a coaching role in the federation or somewhere else, which would have come into effect at the start of this year, but because of the postponement of the Olympics it didn't happen back then.

Ok, it's actually also what she says in the CN article:
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Three (high-profile) gentlemen retiring this year: Dan Martin, Nico Roche and André Greipel. All of them while still being competitive (Dan Martin close to his best, Roche and Greipel far from their prime but still competitive)

Glad they were able to enjoy and be somewhat of a factor in their last races.
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Roche has publically stated he wanted to retire from cycling at 40 - One can only guess he was not offered a contract from DSM.
It's possible that's how he felt, until that August morning.

The good thing is that it will be one step easier for us to distinguish between all the Hoelgaards and Hulgaards of that team. ;)
And another step was/will be taken with Markus' transfer to Trek. There is, as far as I know, only one Hulgaard.
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