Škoda Tour de Luxembourg 2021 (September 14-18)

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Almeida has by far the best skillset for this race and would have been near invincible even with a shorter TT, but this one is definitely too long for a hilly race that ends the day before the Worlds TT.
I think the calendar point is spot on. Over the season as a whole, I don't mind that some stage races are TT-heavy and others are TT-less, but it should at least happen in the right context.
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Bob Jungels was 64th today, 3:03 mins down - he lacked more than four kms/h compared to the winner...

Seems that Jungels is still quite far from his best after his recent leg health problems.

I hope and wish him he will be back at his best in future... Normally, being the old Jungels, he would have fought for Top-5 today...