06.10.2022 till infinity: Gran Piemonte / Paris-Bourges

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This deserves monument status if the only criterion was enthusiasm by commentator.
Makes one miss the glory days of ¡¡¡Rrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaddddiiiiooooooo Popularrrrrrrrrrrrrr de Saaaaan Luuííííííííssssss!!!, where they made a hopeless breakaway of South American domestic pros preparing to contest a meta volante 45km from home with a 2 minute lead over the péloton sound like they were announcing Anquetil and Poulidor on Puy de Dôme.
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I'd love to know who the commentator was looking at when he kept declaring Tesfatsion as a likely winner from the front group in Piemont. There was no Drone Hopper jersey in that group, and no-one of his skin tone.
Cepeda was in the front group but got dropped on the flat towards the end as he finished somewhere between the front and the peloton.

Doesn't excuse thinking that was Tesfatsion but at least he got the team right...