13th Tour Down Under 2011, (809 kms) WT Jan 16-23

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Apr 7, 2010
the cancer man worship ride video made me feel so ill

i saw that clown riding in the hills after his ego-fest, it was a pretty nice day out in the adelaide hills until that point
May 6, 2009
auscyclefan94 said:
This is what he said to me

You know who I am, I don't know who you are. Until you stop hiding behind this ACF mask, I refuse to communcate with you. Reveal yourself.

Here's what I posted to him

@miketomalaris Quite a few people use pseudonyms as their names on twitter. I support clean cycling and I support credibility in journalism.

@miketomalaris The reason I keep on posting stuff to you is to try and get through to you about LA, wake up. He is a cheat and a fraud

@miketomalaris For cycling to become clean we need the media to hold ALL riders to account and not spurt lies out to the public.

@miketomalaris I don' mean to harrass you but what u are saying is very influential & ppl dont deserve to be sold lies. They deserve honesty

You & ppl like liggett are doing a disservice to the viewers. Ppl have been brainwashed. Time to wake up and smell the roses.

btw, he's probably just read my comments. I've been giving it to him for a fortnight.
I guess Sherwen is not much better:

May 13, 2009
Night Rider said:
Greipel for the win followed by Farrar. I would pick Goss in third but I'm guessing he will be used in the lead out train and that Cav and Renshaw get a chance instead.
I would love to see Farrar win, but I agree it'll probably be Greipel. I'm sure Cav will win a stage or two.
Aug 1, 2009
So has anyone seen any pictures to confirm whether it is Ruben or Alan Perez for Euskaltel.

In everything I've read it's said one or the other! EE's website has Ruben, as do TDU entry lists - "Official Results" have Alan, as does cyclingnews.

I couldn't get a good enough look on Sunday at the track. Very frustrating when BS like this happens! I care - but it seems the general public do not! :p
Jun 16, 2009
Tuarts said:
He predicted the CCC result too.
The guy is a moron. No offeese to Goss but if he didn't win that he would be seen as pretty ****e. Seriously. Swift and Sutton were dying on the front and because everyone else was behind he had an easy win.