2009 ENECO Tour

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Yes, a real good one.
Big Boy Break hanging on for 85kms.
Chavanel throws everything but the kitchen sink at the group, but is a marked man.
Garmin out to lunch.
Nibali crashes inside the final 3kms, but will he be credited with the same time as LYB, the group or tough shit?
"Queen stage" of this race, and a good one. After about five years, looks like Eneco is finally getting it right.

Really pleased TF has raced so well. Even if he doesn't pull out the GC win, it's already been the race of his life.
Jun 22, 2009
For a race that has gotten such negative reviews in the past, I think this years\'s race has been ver engaging: The prologue was good, the next few sprints and wins by Farrar made me feel like hard work and perserverance actually does pay off, and stages four and five were just fantastic classics-style racing. The short, hard climbs, cross winds, and road furniture make for such a cool darn race.
As a plus, Cycling TV has been broadcasting the race for free, I guess as a promotion for their new (and GOOD) new user friendly format, and lately Maggie Backstedt has been commenting: Not only is he up to date with all the riders, equipment, and courses, but he's actually funny as well. So, along with the old timers Martin and Antony McCrossan and Brian Blankoute, Mag has led the charge for CTV to try to restore their eroded fan base caused by their amateurish productions and technical faux pas of the past. Check 'em out.
Jun 16, 2009
I hope Monfort can make up 39 seconds on the 8 riders ahead of him. But it won't be easy.

Mar 10, 2009
Wiggins putting out some raw power! We'll get a good reading of his capabilities from his powertap after the ITT ;)

he wasn't supposed to ride today, or was it the rain?

Great ride by Amador.

hmm rabobank taking 1-2-3 at the intermediate and 1-2 at the finish... Let's see what BH and Chavanel can do about that!

EBH and Chavanel take 1-2 intermediate.

ouch! Posthuma crashed... wasted his chances, 30th in the ITT.

Chavanel comes in as third behind Langeveld and Tjalingii, possibly due slight rainfall.

WHAM EBH wins the ITT, putting in almost 4s on Langeveld and Tjalingii, in the rain...
Mar 11, 2009
Mellow Velo said:
Lucky that the on off rain didn't make the GC into a lottery.
A bit like that Giro ITT towards the end.
For a too flat race, it's been pretty enjoyable.
I hope the early Vuelta stages are as good.

agree, it's the first time this race shows some real promise.
too bad garmin had to make a joke out of it by pulling out the #2 before the final stage and the way wiggins behaved today.

i think it's a bit of a disappointment for a lot of people. not only by garmin, boonen usually pulls a crowd too.
i was supposed to go to amersfoort today, but after boonen (for my wife) and farrar (for the race) pulled out i decided to visit 3 vuelta stages instead of two and the eneco tt.
looking at the number op spectators who showed up today, i'm guessing i'm not the only one who thought that way.
Apr 22, 2009
ingsve said:
That's just sad...

It does seem a bit weak not to turn out for a short TT, I agree. But then, the weather wasn't great, so I can understand the lack of enthusiasm for risking injuries and what have you.
Jul 18, 2009
Anyone any idea why Wiggins pulled out during the TT?

Surprised that more people haven't had a go at Farrar and Boonen for pulling the plug after the slagging that Armstrong and Cavendish got on the Tour of Ireland thread. Anyone would think it was the first time a rider ever DNFed in torrential rain.