2012 World Championships, Men Individual Time Trial: 45.7Km

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Bavarianrider said:
Actually not!
The way Tonys signals 2 is not the way Germans show a 2.
We Germans go one = thumb, 2 = thumb and forefinger, 3 = thumb and forefinger and ringfinger.
However, having spent many years in an American tea, i guess Tony has picked up the American way of number shoing with fingers.
Probably didn't want his German "2" confused with a pistelero
Bavarianrider said:
I am not talking about you.
But a good portion of users can't get enough of moaning about Tony and so on. They use every chance to do it Thios year they had plenty!
But no it's time for revenge and Tony set a nice one two combo in their faces:D
Next year will be eve better, 2013 will be Tonys year!
Haters are in to ahard time:D
I'm not sure if your not talking to me.

I find Tony Martin besides his splendid TT a rather boring rider. He's able to win small stage races without a proper tough stage because of his TT and follow on the hills. That's not every exciting, but ofcourse very efficient.
He should try some cobbled classics though.

Besides that you might consider that some people flame Tony on here is mostly because of your presence and your not very subtle comments usually about others or Tony.
Jan 11, 2010
Bavarianrider said:
Kelderman failing big tie :D AS dutchies always do in World Cups:D
Lol, what an ultra troll reaction.

Decent performance by Kelderman, close to other 91-er Durbridge, the difference being that Kelderman rode in the pouring rain.
Eyeballs Out said:
Signing for Sky seems to have jogged Kiryienka's memory about how to ride a TT

Once they program him to ride on the front and delete any memories of epic breakaways he'll be Rogers v2.0. Not going to be pretty
He's becoming another Sky bot. The indoctrination has started. :eek:
Jul 3, 2009
Great ride by Martin who lived up to the expectations. And it makes it even better that he humiliated AC by passing him on the road :-D
Mar 11, 2010
SiAp1984 said:
Great ride by Martin who lived up to the expectations. And it makes it even better that he humiliated AC by passing him on the road :-D
I don't have any opinions about Tony Martin, except that he obviously had a great TT today. I'm not sure I agree that he humiliated AC. Contador is one of the few riders who always fights. He never gives up, and rarely complains.
Jul 10, 2009
US riders got 2nd and 4th. We need a showing like that in 2 years so we can get 2 riders into the Olympics for 2016.

I can understand why Phinney looks like someone kicked his dog. The guy just missed out on a World Championship, to add to the Olympic medals he just missed out on.