2013 Tour of Oman (11th-16th February), 2.HC

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Kwibus said:
It does. Awesome racing it was.
Yep. It looked to me like Rodriguez and Froome worked together to get back up to Contador, dropping Evans in the process. Then the three of them worked together to sustain the gap from Evans. Froome attacked under the Flamme Rouge and Rodriguez burnt himself out dragging Contador back to Froome, but Contador came out slightly short with the slingshot.
Jul 29, 2012
iZnoGouD said:
I'am not spamming and btw if Contador was in Algarve he would get his *** kicked by Machado
Ah now I get why all the big guys went to Oman.

They were scared of Machado :eek:
Apr 11, 2009
Wouldn't surprise me if this were the Tour podium, in any order:

(Izno: I forgot about Wiggo, LOL!)

Great race this Tour of Oman. Sure beats the Tour of Calif., the world's worst=most boring, uninteresting stage race every year. All hype, no delivery.

Oman rocks! Interesting place. Great ambiance. Super riders. Bit of all sorts of terrain/ stages. Omani authorities gotta get EuroSport onboard for every stage.

Oct 27, 2012
Awesome taster for the season ahead. 4 or 5 way battle in the TDF whould be asking too much, but 2013 could just be the best?
Parrot23 said:

You're right; Alberto's wrong
. Better call him to tell him that he's wrong. :cool:

Jan 17 just before Argentina:

My expectations are different from last year because the idea is to fine tune and adjust my weight, since I'm a few kilos over,” he said. “But that’s a normal thing right now. It's true that I like to go for it if I have possibilities, I can hardly stop myself if I have good legs. But I'm over my weight and there’s mathematics [power to weight]. There are riders who are better than me to fight for victory.

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/13726/Contador-doesnt-rule-out-riding-Giro-dItalia-this-season.aspx#ixzz2L4IgdZ6o

Can't find the link again, but yesterday in Oman he said he was 2.5 kgs over racing weight.

Did you see the sky in the picture? It's not actually blue. It's partly blue. So let's say it's not blue, okay?
I don't understand this :confused:
Sep 3, 2012
Bexon30 said:
Thanks, needed some work by JR and Froome to get back to Alberto this season is shaping up for some battles. Contador will not be beaten easily.
And nice to see him and Nibs talking tactics. Sky will get attacked from every angle.