2013 Tour of Oman (11th-16th February), 2.HC

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Arnout said:
This was, based on the results and the summaries, a brilliant stage race. A stage race to show everyone races in new countries do not have to be crap and overhyped. An interesting parcours, a very good lineup and embracement by the locals (or so it seems). And now, I'm looking for tickets to Oman.
I agree.with this.
Apr 11, 2009
I read somewhere that Merckx "owns" :confused: the race. Not sure what that means.

But maybe he had a hand in designing the parcours. Lot of credit to him, if that's true.
Aug 16, 2011
Correct, Merckx is one of the organisers of the race. Here's what he has to say about Oman.

" The Tour of Oman is such an amazing example of what potential and willpower together can achieve in such a short space of time. The line-up for the event this year, the competition’s fourth year, is simply outstanding. It is all thanks to the willingness of the Omani authorities and the incredible reception of the Omani people."
Telmisartan new said:
I had no idea Phinney could mix it up with specialist sprinters like stages 1 and 6 here.Genuinely surprised by that.
He did well in the U23 WC RR 2010 and beat some good riders at the Olympics RR.

I think Impey could be a real factor at a race like M-SR this year- he has a good sprint, has been riding well at Oman and at the TDU.
Apr 22, 2012
Ruudz0r said:
If thats true then they are really stupid at OPQS, if Styby was better at that stage why let him wait he is clearly going to be better in stage 5 + he already was much better then Stybar in stage 2. I actually cant imagine he had to wait.

He waited and then rode away from Velits again?

What is your source if I may ask?
Source is Stybars' official page, it's his own words. He waited for Velits several times to help him. They had no radios, have they?