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2013 Tour of Romandie, Stage 4:Marly - Les Diablerets 188.5 Km

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Les Diablerets of course. See the profile.


Realistically it's now got a bunch of false flat near the end, then a puncheur last few hundred metres.

Mar 31, 2010
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screaming fist said:
Maybe because there's predictions of snowfall in the later afternoon?

It's a shame, really. The new route is perfect for Froome.

then they could've just finished on that climb the 2nd time they went over it? what does snow matter uphill
Current temperature at Morzine (1515m) is 3.7C, Grand St Bernard (2487m) is -0.2C and at Moleson (north of the course today) its 1.2C at 1975 metres so the top of the Col de la Croix is probably about 2.3C so any precipitation is probably sleet (rain/snow mix). The snow level to the west of Geneva is at about 1000 metres. Current forecasts suggest that these lower snow levels will move into the Col de la Croix region but after the race has finished. Looks like a tough one for the guys today, maybe a lot of retirements with only a tt to come tomorrow.