2013 Vuelta a España, Stage 17: Calahorra→Burgos (189km)

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EnacheV said:
incredible , this cyclists iq must be so small. rarely you can see so often a bunch of guys tricked like 2y's old

gz mollema
How is it dumb? Noone had any team mates left to pull him back and if they would go after him early they would screw Their own chances (what Cancellara was criticised for in the stage where Martin nearly won)
There will be some questions tonght.

Lampre will be asking how they just let a man sail away when they have an inform sprinter and EBH will be wondering why he is on a team when he never gets any help.
Sep 14, 2011
If only Richeze hadn't wasted that energy with that pointless attack on the uphill.:D

So the sprint stages here have been won by Matthews, Morkov, Stybar, Gilbert, Barguil and Mollema, it's like a who's who of sprinters.