2013 Vuelta a España, Stage 17: Calahorra→Burgos (189km)

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When a reached the second climb, I realized it was sure the peloton will explit into pieces a few minutes later, It was the normal wind here (maybe a little bit more), and the direction was the needed.

Nice stage, happy to see people as Cancellara pushing in "my" roads, and happy about Mollema.

There was a van of sporza in the climb, it was a nice surprise to see it, nice people. :)

As well, quite a lot people againts "Fracking", that did things like that:

Sep 4, 2013
Gutted for pozzovivo. Nevertheless the echelons were one of the things that made todays stage so brilliant. I think its absolutely great that the sprint trains are so slow. Another reason to love this years vuelta. I just can't see the appeal in a normal bunch sprint. Loved mollema winning it cancellara style!
Jul 5, 2011
Der Effe said:
Are there highlights/last 20k anywhere?
ITV4 at 1345 GMT, if you didn't catch them yet. Be prepared to be driven crazy by ads interupting the best stage highlights yet imo. Great move by Saxo to split bunch and excellent opportunist win by Mollema in the style of former Dutch great Joop De Roo, from the days before sprint trains.