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2014 Tour de France July 18, Stage 13: Saint-Étienne - Chamrousse 197.5km

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Jul 2, 2012
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I think we'll see a strong break with 7-9 riders who are out of the GC.

B. Feillu, König, Majka and Navarro are some of my favorites :) Oh, and JRod...
Mar 13, 2009
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Carstenbf said:
You expected GC attacks on a cat 3 with 100k of flat after?

Palaquit looks promising as a launch pad imo.

Hoping. I knew it wasn't steep enough.

You're wrong though. The flat is the advantage, the flat is where a break of 20 has the advantage over a team of 8. This advantage is lost uphill as its more or less man against man. Wait for the Cat 1? Astana will run a train and Nibali will hide behind team mates and in all likelihood the team will catch you before Nibali even needs to attack. There are...now were 2 opportunities here. 1 was to get a break of 15 or more away from the Peloton without Nibali, and probably Fuglsang, and the second was to get a larger group away 40 or so even if Nibali and friends are in it. Attack and counter attack on the flat, again counting on the fact that they can't counter every attack from 30 odd guys with their 4-5 and eventually crack.

In my opinion those were the risks, and they are now gone. Now everyone is backing that one on one they can't out climb Nibali