2014 Tour de France, Stage 10: Mulhouse > La Planche des Belles Filles 161.5 Km

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Apr 15, 2013
Pinot should have attacked earlier : Scarponi's rythm was quite slow for 3ks and Pinot could have been let go by Nibali... a Stage would have been awesome !
Sep 7, 2010
Beautiful Victory by Nibali..

but what a shame for tour 2014 that Contador aint there anymore in the chase for minutes.

would had been spectacular.. :rolleyes:
Sep 2, 2010
So I think today shows that the forum members are so one eyed that their opinions are often clueless

Remember, most people before the Tour started questioned if Nibali could beat Valverde for third. Even today it seemed like half the forum thought that Porte would outclimb him
Afrank said:
Kwiat 2:14 back. loses white. Good efforts by him for the day though.
Yeah. If he could only hold on for another 1-2km the losses would be around 1:00. Thats what I was hoping for. Oh well, I guess it will be white for Bardet and his advantage is only going to grow from now on. Maybe the goal now for OPQS will be to take 1-2 in TT? :D
Aditya said:
Pity Porte. Everyone's just sitting behind him.
His group of GC contenders would not give him a second of help. Richie seems like he doesn't have podium power this year.

Crazy early for Nibali to take the GC lead back.

This race has turned out to be more interesting than I thought possible a few weeks ago.
May 9, 2012
So that's three Grand Tours gifted to Nibali. A shame they will be counted the same way as Wiggins's tour win, because he deserves to win one out right.
VDB telling Sporza what happened to Contador:

Apparently he tried to move past VDB and some others and got out of his saddle to accelerate, he than hit a pothole and did a somersault.

Seems like a combination of taking unnecessary risks and getting very unlucky.
Vandenbroeck says that Contador fell because Contador tried to sprint past the peloton when they were going easy downhill, then Contador went into a ditch and crashed. Vandenbroeck said it was a dumb move by Contador and it wasn't really a moment to move up. The peloton was going at easy pace after all.
Aug 16, 2011
Gallopin riding hard for the jersey. doesn't have a chance to keep it but rides hard anyways. I like that. :)