2015 Tour de France Stage 5: Arras-Amiens 189.5km

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One day Sagan will have a strong team working solely for him and he will win so many stages. Imagine if Sagan went to Etixx with their leadout. Sagan went from p10 way back from Cav+Greipel yet almost won. Strongest man in this Tour.
Tbf, Sagan started a lot later, and given the massive headwind, it's no surprise he was so fast coming out of the slipstream late. Not taking anything away from him, but I think Greipel's sprint was stronger than Sagan's
May 26, 2015
Sagan has the speed. Sagan has the handling skills. He is by far the fastest sprinter in this race. People kept saying how he lacked top speed, and forget that he is just 25 yo. In my opinion he is faster than Cav at 24/25.

Anyway, he lacks timing. Some good teammates would help with that so much... He could've won 3 stages (2 where the slower Greipel won, the one Tony won) with at least 2 or 3 guys dedicated to win and not having to babysit Alberto.

It's frustrating.

damian13ster said:
Damn, if Sagan didn't have to play domestique role he would have won 5-8 stages this Tour......
And this way Tinkoff is going to come out of this Tour with nothing (btw, Majka crashed today :/ )
Very true - but he's only got himself to blame. He could have gone to pretty much any team he wanted, but he chased the Tinkoff euros instead of maximising his chances in classics/GT's.
Jul 29, 2012

Arredondo said:
Greipel is just the best sprinter this Tour. Cav not good enough.

But Sagan, what a sprint!
How is he the best sprinter when you see sagan pull out that sprint? :D
Jun 28, 2011
Sagan knew full well that Contador would be riding the tour when he signed with Tinkoff. It's a part of his paycheck now, blaming the team is disingenuous.


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