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2015 Vuelta stage 9: Torrevieja > Cumbre del Sol 168.3km

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Aug 16, 2013
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Re: Re:

Arredondo said:
Flamin said:
l.Harm said:
Katusha chasing.

They'll need help sooner or later though.

It reminds me of Mirador de Ezaro stage. They didn't need any help back then ;)

Help me out here :)[/quote]

Movistar and Tinkoff didn't want to help Katusha that day, because Purito was the big favorite to win there. So Katusha chased alone the whole day, and eventually Purito managed to overtake Astarloza/Meyer for the stage win.

But they will get help. Movistar feel they have a chance with the current Purito, and the gap is only 3.30.
I think the right profile for the last kms is this: