2016 Giro d'Italia - Castelrotto – Alpe di Siusi 10.8 km MTT

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Miburo said:
I wonder how good this kruiswijk is compared to the big 3. Wish Landa was here but he's beasting, kudos.

My feelings is that yesterday Landa would have annihilated the group, but that today he would have been behind Kruijswijk.
Aug 31, 2012
This Baggio bloke is performing a real service, you can judge how quick they're going based on his running.

Chaves looks to be going quicker than Valverde
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Geraint Too Fast said:
Irondan said:
Geraint Too Fast said:
Irondan said:
Is it surprising what happened to Uran? He's been bad for some time now.

He was the 6th strongest yesterday.

Not even the 40th strongest today.
In time trials, obviously.

But this is a MTT.
And your point is what? You just want to pick apart anything I say? Uran has sucked at riding a bike for a long time now, in every discipline, get over it.