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2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 10 Campi Bisenzio - Sestola 219km

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Ricco' said:
Rollthedice said:
SafeBet said:
This Giro is starting to look like Giro 2012, with Astana being Liquigas and Nibali being Basso.
Kruijswijk could be Hesjedal.

Who's Purito?

Maybe Valverde?

Similar type of rider and all.

Actually a really good assessment of the Giro so far, but lets wait for a proper mountain stage first. Im thinking that the riders such as Chaves, Zakarin and Majka may be better than what the 2012 had
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elfed68 said:
Mr.White said:
elfed68 said:
Can anyone explain why Visconti was pulling for Amador and not Valverde at the end of the stage?

:confused: ??? Amador was up front, trying to reach Maglia Rosa. Valverde was in the group, marking attacks. Did you even watched?!

Yes, I did 'watched' that's why I was asking, as not everyone on this forum is as knowledge as yourself.

Valverde is team leader, why use Visconti on Amador when he could have paced Valverde to the finish line and gain seconds.

Visconti was in the breakaway. Amador attacked on the descent of the penultimate climb.
Amador who is high up in the GC dould play a big role in Movistar tactics so they send him up the road forcing other teams to work and possibly take pink with Amador.

Visconti waited for Amador to help him stay away, but Amador tired from the attack and Visconti tired from riding in the breakaway were unable to hold of the bunch which was still rather big.
In the end Valverde sprinted from the group of favourites to gain a few seconds on his GC rivals.

If Valverde would've attacked instead of Amador then all the other GC rivals would've been on his wheel directly. So playing the Amador card was a tactical move which could've been a great move, but in the end didn't work out.