2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 14: Farra d'Alpago–Corvara 210 km

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Apr 22, 2012
Nibali made another leap in performance level since Trentino. Crap -> not so crap -> good actually.

His performance changes in steps, not fluently. Interesting.

Eshnar said:
Nibali attacked just before the flattest section of the climb. I'd like to know if there's anybody at Astana looking at the profiles.
Maybe he doesn't feel too comfortable climbing :rolleyes:
His attacks uphill before seemed very benign.
Re: Re:

lenric said:
sir fly said:
Possible cancellations in the Alps make this split even more important.
I'm in the French Alps at the moment and would be amazed if there are any cancellations. Went over the Bonette yesterday (2800m+) and it was fully open with only a few pockets of snow. What snow is left on the Agnello should easily be cleared.