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2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 8 Foligno – Arezzo 186 km

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Dumoulin +2.52


11th Dumoulin
Re: Re:

trevim said:
TMP402 said:
I wonder if du Moulin wishes he'd kept on pretending he was only at the Giro for the TTing.
Why would he? There's no shame in getting dropped.

Because when he finally stops bull****ting and admits he's here for GC, he does about as bad a ride as any GC rider I've seen this season. If he'd kept up the pretence of being here for TTs, people wouldn't have cared that he got dropped like a stone, but this is now a humiliation.
StryderHells said:
SeriousSam said:
Good god what happened to Tom, struggling in the flat now
Exactly what was always going to happen in this race, he cracked as he just didn't do the prep to be a serious contender for the GC. I still think he will have a big TT tomorrow

There's some middle ground between not able to ride for GC and being this bad. Surely he must be ill or forgot to eat or something to be like that.