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2016 TdF, Stage 16: Moirans-en-Montagne → Bern (209km)

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This is hilarious. Kittel and two mates have been desperately trying to get back to the péloton for km's now and simply can't while a lotto drops behind them to go the team car and easily jumps back to the main group. Would have paid big money to see their faces.
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StryderHells said:
DFA123 said:
StryderHells said:
DFA123 said:
So dull they can't even be bothered to contest an intermediate sprint despite being in position to do so. Sums up this tour.

Why would Cavendish contest the intermediate sprint? First up the battle for Green is over and second up in my opinion Cavendish won't make it to Paris
But he wasted energy to put himself in second position and then just didn't bother going past Sagan in the last few metres? What was the point of that?

I'm sure the crowd that had gathered by the sprint really appreciated it. :rolleyes:

It didn't look like he used much energy working his way up to sit behind Sagan, so he went from 62 points behind to 64, don't think that makes much of a difference in this classification. As for the crowd at the intermediate missing out on a little action, well I'm sure they'll get over it
But you say the battle for green is over and you think he won't make it to Paris, then what was the point in even putting himself in the wind at all? If the battle isn't over, then why not take all points possible?

I've seen it all now - a guy defending second place in the points classification. Sums up this tour.