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2016 Tour of California 2.HC May 15-22

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Mar 14, 2009
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Beautiful stage. I love the Hwy #1 road. Too bad the TV coverage does not give the spectacular view justice.

Wasn't sure what to expect from the Laguna Seca finish, but it turns out to be quite entertaining.

And Sagan was riding like a real champ covering all the attacks and making sure he is not leading out GVA.

Kudos to the Axeon kids. Quite impressive so far.
I expected the final 2 climbs to produce some action and was not disappointed, a really good final. A bit of a shame there were so many BMC there to bring everything back together but a nice win for Sagan. Axeon were awesome and have shook up this race.

Hopefully the last 2 stages will be used again in future years, yesterday's MTF was much better than Mt Baldy.
Impressive Sagan. BMC played their cards wrong though. Should've tried to attack with their numbers.

Sure Greg gas beaten Sagan a few times 1 vs 1, but it's still a big gamble imo. With Sanchez, Dennis and Brookwalter attacking instead of controlling GVA had to just sit on the wheel of Sagan.
Sure there were more riders and it wouldve been maybe anneven bigger gamble to try and attack, but I think their chances would've been higher in this field with those riders attacking.