2019 Critérium du Dauphiné stage 4 ITT 26.1 km Roanne

2019 Critérium du Dauphiné stage 4 ITT 26.1 km Roanne

Wednesday 12 June - The 4th stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné is played out on a lumpy course of 26.1 kilometres. The ITT is an out-and-back race in Roanne. (anti-clockwise loop)

In terms of distance and profile, the hilly route is almost a carbon copy of the Tour de France ITT in Pau. That race will cover 27 kilometres on similar terrain. So this ITT is a perfect test.

The first 11.5 kilometres run uphill on rolling roads with shallow gradients. The intermediate time check is located at the highest point of the day, while the next 14.6 kilometres are more or less a mirror image of the first part of the race.
(forecast for blowy southerly winds but 20C)

first man off 13.15 CET (DData's Venter, I assume, as he's last on GC), TV from 15.00 CET

Start times at https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/dauphine/2019/stage-4/today/time-trial-starting-order



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The climb at 11.5 km -

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For this bike race to be a perfect build up to a great Tour, this ITT is important and a good performance is crucial for Tibopino. A top-10 would be great, beating Quintana and Yates would be good.

Dumoulin-Froome-Kwiat should top-5 and one of them wins it. Not so bold of a prediction.
Looks like a perfect test of form.
It has everything the riders need to assess their current condition.
Don't know about the weather, but judging by the previous stages it shouldn't make a huge difference. Even less in regard to the shape checkup.
Pretty sure Dumo will get top-3. His shape is obviously pretty good, otherwise he couldnt join the break on that very hard stage 2. Think its a very important stage for him to go deep and look where his shape and knee is at.
each of gc contenders is going to go full throttle. ultimately it's the only absolute test for everyone since someone will necessarily tackle big difficulties in the mountains and give up, while you pretty much can't give up in TT. :lol: TD attracts our attention the most just for the reason he has to show glimps of form and recovery going well. I wouldn't rule out Richie as well. he has a descent chance to win imo