2019 Tour de France, stage 12: Toulouse>Bagnères-de-Bigorre

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Lequack said:
I heard someone say others need to attack Ineos in the mountains because they lost so much time. Well today showed there will be none of that happening. It's a race for 3rd place now.
I disagree.

Today was a special stage, because the TT is tomorrow.

No GC contender will go deep today, because if they win 30 secs today, they can lose 2 minutes tomorrow.

The weekend is another matter, they will both be GC days.
Re: Re:

Lequack said:
tobydawq said:
Everybody knew nothing could happen in the GC battle today, yet people are whining that there are eight Ineos riders still in the peloton.

There won't be in the remaining mountainbstages, I'll tell you that.
They'll be even further behind after the TT.
And they would have been even further behind that level of being further behind if they had wasted anlot of energy today