2019 UCI Road World Championships Men's Road Race : 284.5km

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The group of four raced like gentlemen..everyone working,taking decent pulls,no argument..no sitting in..really really great...
Kung established as a horse..big big work..
this is a great year for pro cycling..box sexes had awesome races!!! With the exception of U23 a perfect week of the best quality racing..
sad that Sagan obviously finished with lots of gas still in the tank..
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What a race. Congrats Mads and all the great Danish fans on here.
Well done to everyone who could finish in that mess.
Never thought ide say this but Moscon worked real hard for Trenton and should be really proud of himself today.
Lastly everyone I saw Betancur pass me still in the peleton I pictured this forum exploding
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Not really how it works, an anaerobic effort is an anaerobic effort. Trentin did about 50m and then had nothing left. In hindsight the best option was to try to drop them in the hills yes, but Pedersen just looked better by the end
2 minute hill is pretty aerobic, especially at the end of a 6 hour race. Trentin probably burned through his phosphate system and then poofed completely.
What a tough and surprising race! Initially I didn't expect the breakaway to be successful but the key moment was when Van der Poel and Trentin joined them. At that time other favourites should've reacted (maybe they were too tired or underrated the breakaway). Since this crucial moment the breakaway started gaining time (from 20 second to a minute). Then a shocking outcome: Van der Poel (whom I expected to crush the rest on the last lap) cracked completely. Maybe he forgot to eat properly before. Sensational finish by Pedersen, who passed favoured Trentin. Congrats to him and all medalists.
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Pedersen was by far the strongest in that sprint, he deserves it!
Italy rode a great race, maybe Trentin should have worked with Küng on that climb durning the last lap, but that's just cycling.
All 3 guys deserved to win, that was a great race.
I was looking at the same thing. Maybe they both thought that Pederson was too weak. But he surely lost his chance there on that climb.
On a normal day trentin takes that every time.

VDP looked the strongest all season but his legs failed him at the very end. Probably the enduring image of the race.

Sagan probably the most left at then end but it was futile.

Young lads first win out of nowhere. Funny old world.
Kung strong like ox, smart like tractor
I'm not sure. He did a whole lot of work in that group, starting from when he escaped with Craddock, all the way until 1 km to go. Yes, maybe he should have sat on. But on the other hand, with his (lack of) explosiveness, he did secure a medal in this way. Looks like from the point he dropped Moscon he decided to sacrifice any chance of a victory for a guaranteed medal.