2019 UCI Road World Championships Men's Road Race : 284.5km

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World championships in GB, and for some reason we are all mildly surprised, that there is heavy rain....... we never learn :D
True up to a point, but at this time of the year the weather is often very settled and warm, even in Yorkshire. "To Autumn" was composed by John Keats in mid-September 200 years ago - "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" and all that.
It's not even raining. Incredible incompetence of the UCI once again. Cutting the distance and the two hardest climbs is in the advantage of MvdP, Sagan and Matthews. It's a big disadvantage for climbers like Alaphilippe and Fuglsang.
Are you for real? The descent of Buttertubs is just a lake, visibility at the top of the two climbs is non-existent, and the rain has picked up again (because, guess what, in the moors the weather is extremely changeable even between towns 20k m apart). It's not like they wanted to cut the climbs is it? Yorkshire paid a decent amount to showcase them to the world especially for today. They clearly made the right decision. Whether they should've added another circuit is another matter (I personally think they should) but it's impossible to disagree with the decision to alter the route. Blame the Gods, not the UCI.
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