2020...2021 Olympic Women's Road Race, Tokyo, 137 KM

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It's a terrible advertisement for women's cycling if you ask me.
imo people who don't follow women's cycling will see a gutsy solo effort potentially materialising in a gold medal which is the type of olympic narrative casual viewers love to watch.

Anyone who does will know the favourites have screwed it up, but we all know it's not the norm so is an interesting story in a different way.
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People will laugh at the dutch but you have to look at other nations too. Did they expect the Dutch to chocho them all the way?
Sadly the two other escapers won't make it, would've been more hilarious.
Well... When you have 3-4 biggest favorites to Gold, you are the only team with full power left in the peloton... The answer from other teams with 1 or max 2 riders left will always be "yes". Too much egoists in the Dutch team imo.
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