2020 Milano-Torino - August 5th / Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge - August 6th

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That was a nice pursuit.

Vlasov in excellent form, apparently.
Porte about the same as few days ago. Martin very good on his reboot debut.
Latour manful as ever. Aru not bad but not better than in Occitane, Quintana has an excuse.
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Quintana's only hope now is for an unpredictable and open Tour. Hard to see him being the strongest but with a bit of luck maybe he can challenge
I am skeptical of him now, I agree. But this time he could actually have a good excuse with his accident and being off the bike so long. Plus the hot weather. We'll have better conclusions after L'Ain. But, yes worrisome nevertheless.
I thought he - quite unnecessarily - was trying to bridge back up to the favourites' group because it would be cool for a guy like him to sit in a 25 man group with all the GC contenders after two tough climbs and in the bottom of the final one on a day where everybody was scared of the time limit.

But I agree that his level has been lacking since. Then again, better decision making and he would have a fourth world title in Yorkshire so it's not all bad.
Actually you are right about Yorkshire - Had good form that day and it was a missed opportunity.
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I was rewatching the Vuelta 2017 a bit this week, Contador did that a few times himself to Nibali. At least twice it was

"Hey Berto, wann go destroy the Sky train"
"Sí, always any day"

Nibs: Attacks
Contador: follows

Nibs does a big turn. He looks at Contador, and then you can just see Contador going like "sorry man I'm so dead"
Contador or Valverde collaborating is such a rare sight :D
He is improving slowly. We saw that today. Plus I know that he disappeared for 6 months. He tried to do rollers but he said that he had a very hard time with that. So naturally I think he is out of shape.
Yes, but the tour will start already in three weeks. If he comes in later then Fernando Barelo who worked quite a lot then I wouldn´t say that he is on a good way for the tour...