2020 Tokyo Olympics - road race course

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Pantani_lives said:
Poursuivant said:
S Yates says he wants Giro this year, Olympics next year and then Tour in 2021. If anyone was to target the Olympics outright at the start of the year in 2020 what would be best GT to do, Giro?
Definitely the Tour, but without riding for the GC. The strongest guys in August usually come from the Tour.
Not only without riding the GC but also abandoning after the second week because there are only six days between Champs Élysées and Olympics RR and you have to take an intercontinental flight in between. Next year a climber that want to be a contender for both Olympics and Worlds has to forget going to the Giro because would mean three peaks in five months and riding all the way to Paris at the Tour due to what I said earlier but also the Vuelta for GC could be too much because means to be in top shape for two straight months.


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