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2020 Tokyo Olympics - road race course

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so to get into 6th, Germany basically needs to win all stages (with Ackermann in the sprints) as well as the GC (with Schachmann) in Guangxi, with Mas not finishing in the top ~10 overall.

The competition is not particularly strong, but this looks highly unlikely
Gaviria won stage 1, that makes Germany getting into 6th even less likely now.
Landslides from typhoon Hagibis last week affected a section of the road race course.


The area hit is quite beautiful and hilly, I hope they can fix it up in time, or else they'll have to re-route. Unfortunately some people died in landslides in the general area when their houses got destroyed/covered (not sure if they were in the same spot as the ones affecting the road race).

The video is in Japanese but you can see the general area and part of the way through they show a map of the route highlighting the affected area - about 5km. Not sure if there's alternate roads nearby or it would require a totally different detour.