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2020 World Championships - now confirmed for Imola, Italy.

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Imola women's circuit (they race it 5x):


Climb profile:


Full course

The second climb is clearly the tougher of the two, but it could still be a good idea to attack in the beginning of the final lap, get away with a small group and drop the remaining riders on the second climb. From there it's still more than 10 km to the finish, but it's mostly downhill, so a strong soloist could stay away, especially because the group behind might be shattered and disorganized.
At what time is the race supposed to end tomorrow?
I'm asking because I have to catch a train to Innsbruck tomorrow and I want to be able to watch the final 2 hours of the race.
As I often do, I read the message without paying attention to who had written it. Then as I read about someone needing to travel within Austria, my heart and hopes soared.

And then they sank again as I glanced to the left and saw it wasn't @Gigs_98 .
I think the only rider capable of giving the Dutch a race is Deignan and even that requires a leap of faith
With van Vleuten riding hurt, I anticipate some of the riders like Longo Borghini and Niewiadoma who are demon descenders to try to put some pressure on and see how many risks Annemiek really wants to take / make her do a bit more work to chase back on once it flattens out. ELB really hit form late in the Giro and descends phenomenally, but she couldn't drop Anna VDB on the climbs even if she put everybody else out the back. ELB will definitely give the Dutch 'a race', but the fact she can't outsprint anybody in that Dutch lineup ordinarily would mean she mightn't succeed. Deignan's best bet I would feel would be to try to Bronzini it if Vos is dropped and piggyback moves, unless Lizzy Banks is on the same kind of day as she was in Plouay and can give her a card to play. She seemed to be riding well on the hills in the Giro but obviously her role was different there, and cumulative climbing here will be another factor.
Has anyone ever had a run of results anything like WVA this year? Two big classics wins, followed by two tour stage sprint wins alongside some incredible super dom climbing and 2nd in hilly tt and then 2nd in WC tt?

In the age of specialisation, there has been nothing remotely like it. Even outside of this age, it is historically amazing.
Alaphilippe... Like, last year?

Strade outpunching Fuglsang/van Aert
San Remo outsprinting Sagan/van Aert/...
Tirreno outsprinting Viviani/Sagan/Cimolai in an actual bunch sprint!
Stage in the Tour, solo.
ITT in the Tour, beating Thomas, Asgreen...
GC, 5th in the Tour, only cracking at the very end.
The weather forecast now predicts lots of rain for tomorrow. Let's hope that holds true!

Well a lot less precipitation than predicted when I posted wednesday in this thread.
Very light rain starting from 11 hours and max rain of about 2,7 mm precipitation between 1600-1700 hours.
Temps starting at ~16°C and dropping to ~13°C. And light winds 2-6 m/s.
A lot better than predicted four days ago.
Yes, roads will be wet, but that's about it.
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