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Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 12: Siena – Bagno di Romagna 212 km

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This stage will be more exciting than the previous one

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The big issue for GC action right now is not Ineos's strength IMHO. Is that the other teams are smartly racing more against themselves than against Ineos right now. I mean, Bernal, after pulling himself quite a bit, shredded the rest of the field on the final cat 3 yesterday. Which was great for Buchman, who took advantage to gain back time on the rest. That's obviously the smart play. They are racing against themselves first.

Bernal could pay for his efforts and crack in the third week and he's dealing with a back issue that could clearly come back at any point. So unless he shows that he's in a spot of bother I think most teams are just focusing on themselves. If someone is feeling mega-strong they might go for it. But my guess is that at this point in the race even if that rider is Simon Yates, who is probably the one guy left who might not be happy with a podium place at this point, he would be more pleased than upset to have Bernal ride with him.
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