Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 14: Cittadella – Monte Zoncolan 204 km


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You guys happy now? Look below for the stuff!

Stage 14: Cittadella – Monte Zoncolan 204 km

Saturday, May 22nd, 11.30 CEST

Technical Overview:

The Alps start with a straightforward MTF and the first real all-out showdown between the climbers. From the town of Cittadella the peloton will head north-east towards the Friuli region. After the first climb of the day to Castello di Caneva (GPM4, 3.4 km at 3.8%), the riders will keep the mountains on their left side for about 50 km, and then finally head straight into them, turning north and climbing Forcella di Monte Rest (GPM2, 10.5 km at 5.9%). The descent is very technical, but it leads to a 30 km long valley that will not help any attacker. Finally, after reaching the town of Sutrio, the final climb of the stage will start. Monte Zoncolan (GPM1, 14.1 km at 8.5%) from the Sutrio side has only been climbed once, in 2003. It was in fact the first time the Zoncolan had been raced at all. This side is nowhere near as hard as the others, but it is still a really hard climb, with 8.7 km at 8.3%, followed by a 1.5 km long respite at 4% before the killer final ramp of 3.1 km at 13%, with various crazy ramps reaching up to 27%.

Final Kilometers

The Climbs:

Castello di Caneva: GPM4, 3.4 km at 3.8%

Just a small bump. No profile.

Forcella di Monte Rest: GPM2, 10.5 km at 5.9%

A solid climb, with gradients always around 6-7% with the exception of a small section in the beginning and in the end.

Monte Zoncolan: GPM1, 14.1 km at 8.5%

The “original” Zoncolan, climbed for the first and only time in 2003, with victory by Gilberto Simoni. It is much easier than the Ovaro side, which has been used ever since. The last 3 km are sick though.

What to expect:

A big GC battle on the first hard climb of this Giro. Unfortunately, that huge final section might prevent significant attacks to be launched before it, but in any case gaps should be large.

Nothing's gonna happen before the final 3km, this side of the Zoncolan is closer to Cuitu Negru than it is to the other side of the climb. It's gonna be a waiting game, like Col de la Loze last year.
ATM it looks like we could get a bit of Rain all day long and around 10° in Sutrio.
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Finding it hard to care for this stage. Complete snoozefest until an utterly predictable final 3k where Bernal extends his lead yet again. Hoping for another breakaway win, the only hope for some form of excitement. Even if I'm kind of sick of breakaways winning everything this year.
The mountains are here. Finally. This is more like a mono-climb stage but it is still good and we cannot have all stages to be queen stages. We need all kind of stages and this one fits the agenda.

Some people considering 9 kms at 8.3% to be nothing is incredible. They want everything to be >10%. This is not a videogame. That interval is enough to cause some damage.
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Nah, this ain't that flat crap of stage 13. This will be boring until Zoncolan but Zoncolan is pretty and Remco will go all Basso and drive a hard pace the whole way up I hope. That or Bernal will attack at 3k to go and out a good 40 seconds into everyone.
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