Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 17: Canazei - Sega di Ala 193 km

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How acquainted shall we be with the finish line during the stage?

  • Not at all

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • Just the regular Bernie stuff

    Votes: 12 32.4%
  • Few shots due to loss of live coverage

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • They might show some shots of more than a few seconds...

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • All the finish line shots!

    Votes: 13 35.1%

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Almeida could be 4th in GC now if he wouldn´t have to wait for Evenepoel on stage 11 and 14.
that is assuming he would finish with bernal every stage. He lost 3:20, assuming he could've finished with Bernal. We can't assume that. Also, he gained 2 minutes back because of a break. So he would have lost at most 1:20, still assuming he could've finished with Bernal, which I doubt.

So simply, nah .
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As for this one, we can't really say if he would've been worse at the finish if he had stayed with Bernal group all they long. I'd even say that he actually didn't benefit from being in the break but quite the opposite.
...And Almeida wouldn't have been in the break at all if he hadn't lost that time beforehand. A lot of "but if" in here, every situation creates the next scenario, you can't just deduct linearly
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If its not his back I doubt Bernal will fade. Showed too much already and wasn't overcooked coming into the Giro

But, what strikes me most, is the actual moment when Bernal dropped behind Yates. It literally looked like he stopped completly. It was strangely rapid and he didn't showed any signs of wekaness until that point (he followed the initial Yates' attack easily). The camera didn't show that exact moment, but when they first showed Bernal being a few meters behind, guess who was leading the group?
Martinez. Bernal was already quite far behind and it looked like Martinez didn't even realise it happened.
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Concerning Ulissi, while this was indeed strange, it's really not the first time he has a superb one off climbing performance where he is suddenly up there with the gc contenders. For example he finished 4th in that stage to Rissoul in 2016, where Kruijswijk crashed and Nibali turned the Giro upside down. I guess he got into the position to make that ride because he was in the break but he still only climbed Rissoul a minute slower than Nibali, 10 seconds slower than Chaves and faster than all gc contenders from the group behind like Valverde, Majka or Uran. Also in 2014 he won a 1st category mtf from the peloton but that was more due to the categorization being ridiculous and the racing pathetic.
He was also 11th in the MTT (9th if you discount mysterious Russians) that year but I remember him looking like he had just finished a recovery ride when he crossed the line.

But still, pretty shocking to beat Bernal today, even if he has priors.
You are kidding me right ?
Dan Martin won his Tour stage on a long range attack
He won the Vuelta Catalunya on a long range attack
He is a Lombardy and LBL winner

Remco would not have won the stage..not even come close...
I might as well say Viviani would have won the stage

No foundation and no sense ...just a load of ill informed hype
Also if Remco wants to learn about long distance wining then he would do well to study Dan Martin
Well it was meant as praise. I thought it was nice to see someone who I think of as a kind of boring uphill Simon Gerrans try something more exciting. I know about Lombardia and Liege, of course, I thought Martin raced defensively on those occasions. One of his TDF stage wins was Mur de Bretagne, the other from a break with Fuglsang and that was like 30 kilometres (?) from the finish with a long downhill so not comparable to the stage today.

Yeah Evenepoel would likely have gotten this, you could see how frustrated his support rider Almeida was, he had to go all out to work out his frustration over the crash.
I'm quite a fan of Martinez and have watched him a bit in this race and he really hasn't done much work for Bernal before today. On all the stages so far he looked weaker than not only Bernal but also some others.
He attacked on San Giacomo and lost 13 seconds only, paced on the Zoncolan and was 3rd out of the GC group in the end and was in the next group after Bardet over the top of the Giau.

Winning would probably have been too much, but he would have been with a podium chance
...And Almeida wouldn't have been in the break at all if he hadn't lost that time beforehand. A lot of "but if" in here, every situation creates the next scenario, you can't just deduct linearly
Exactly. You can never just subtract and add time and assume results. I mean, if Almeida was riding for himself the whole time he may have also gone deeper on some stages trying to stay with Bernal, et al...rather than sataying with Remco which could have meant he had more tired legs and wouldn't have gone as well today.

I guess it's fairly safe to assume he'd be in the top 5 area battling for the podium but you never really know with this stuff in GTs since every stage can have an unknown effect on subsequent stages.